Eden Blü

co-owner of Red Leaves Falling and ringleader of the Stonehaven Guard


Born in 1947, Eden Khanh Nguyen never knew her father. She was told it was a Catholic monk who raped her mother but she never pressed for details for fear of agitating old wounds. All her life she knew nothing but poverty, hardship and violence, which hardened her to the world, made her strong.

Eventually she became a prostitute just to make ends meet. It was a hard and difficult life but it beat working herself to the bone in the rice paddies or for some brutal old villager.

One day, in a swanky little tavern in Ha Tien, she met an American GI, who was generous and kindhearted, if a little naive and foolish, who convinced her she should go with him back to America. While her self-interest didn’t keep her from taking full advantage of him, she’d be lying if she said she didn’t at least care for him….a little. She used all of the money she’d saved up for a flight out the next day, anxious to finally be free of her oppressive homeland.

Unfortunately Eden never got her chance. Her Keeper, the surgically savage Man of Shears, stole her in the middle of the night and dragged her through the Hedge to this scream-chocked garden of earthly delights. There, Eden was held for 40 years, kept as a resplendent orchid that was groomed and pruned every day, her own tears and blood consistently keeping her soil moist.

During her Durance, she managed to find solace in the friendship of one of the indentured gardeners, Mae Phan. Together they plotted their escape, anticipating the day they could flee from The Man of Shears. And when the day finally came… a world-shaking rumble that Mae and Eden both surmised was their master at war with another of his kend… they ran for their lives, tearing through the Hedge until they finally emerged in Boulder, Colorado.

Since then, Eden has become a ferocious firebrand and unapologetic hater of the True Fae. She quickly rose in the ranks of Summer Court, gaining in the esteem of Bill Tenkiller and with Mae’s assistance, founded their thriving ‘escort’ business, Red Leaves Falling.

Eden Blü

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