Strange Fruit

Feb 21st game - Charybdis Defeated
  • The Charybdis has been defeated by devouring Mr. Hart’s heart (with Maggot’s ring within it).
  • Izzy is distraught over having to kill Mr. Hart and having to bury Gravemold and Kadru’s remains, expelled from the Charybdis.
  • Nacho had a major blow-out with Ignatius and is seeking a new court.
  • Jen is asked by Adelina and Ignatius to shadow Nacho constantly.
  • Joseph is now the official physician to the Spring Queen.
  • Eden has met with Polyphemus, who promises her a meeting with a small army of Red Badge believers.
  • Jack is hitting a wall of despair after tangling and losing against the Charybdis. He’s considering leaving the group as a whole. (P.S. Jack actually urinated on his enemy, just so Nacho could freeze it….it hurts to type this).
  • Andrea Waters now has proof of the Pure alliance upheld by Winter Court and Summer Court.
Feb 7th Game - Battle with Charybdis
  • Jack and Nacho are fighting the Charybdis in the Spring Queen’s garden. Jack is 3 turns into Garou.
  • Jen and Eden are investigating the Spring Queen’s office. Letters found there concern the affair between Gravemold and Anne Archer, as well as concerning the Tithe and the breaking of the Pure Contract by Spring Court and Autumn Court.
  • Joseph, The Spring Queen and Izzy are in the Autumn House, safeguarded by Izzy’s mysterious room. Izzy should contact Mr. Hart, who knows the whereabouts of Maggot’s ring.

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