best friend of Eden & co-owner of Red Leaves Falling


Mae Singh had a happy life, even after the Vietnam War brought wakes of uncertainty to Nha Trang. Born to a privileged family that survived even the Communist revolt, Mae had a comfortable life. Until she was taken.

Mae is Eden’s opposite. Optimistic, cheerful… she’s the perfect counterbalance to Eden’s paranoia and cynicism. Before the Hedge the two had never met or spoken to one another, even though Eden worked and lived in Nha Trang as well.

Mae’s durance was emotionally overwhelming. Forced to the task of ‘pruning’ human beings, Mae had started to give up her humanity completely until the day she met Eden. Tied by the commonality of their village, the two women forged a strong and trusting bond. They plotted everyday for a way to escape their Keeper.

And then, by sheer circumstance, it happened. A rumble tore through their Keeper’s realm and seeing their chance, they manged to escape their keeper during his power struggle with another Gentry. When they emerged from the Hedge, the world they knew had changed.

Fiercely protective of those she loves, Mae has been a plentiful resource for the motley and a strong secondary in Eden’s place when required to be.

Mae also has a powerful crush on Jack Lucas and once bought a date with him at a Spring Court bachelor auction.


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