Jack Lucas

Introspective, ex-priest werewolf shaman hero


Jack was in training to become an Episcopalian priest when his true nature was revealed, turned into a Forsaken werewolf under a full moon. He joined with the Bone Shadows in his continued quest into spirituality and the other worlds within his tribe.

Almost his entire pack, The Devourers of Ash, was killed by the Pure, and Jack was framed for their murders within the human world by the insidious Pure tribe werewolf Judge Wagner. Escaping the hills of Tennessee to the supposedly safe Forsaken territory of Boulder, CO, Jack has found a new ‘pack’ of sort, having fallen in with allies from the world of the Changelings. Jack is exposed to a world where he takes on the role of dimensional explorer, protector and hero, to a race of people he is just beginning to understand. Jack is filled with fear and hope as he dreams of a lone werewolf hoping to learn about the nature of reality without losing his mind, and to learn about the nature of family without losing his unique place between werewolf society, and the world of the Fae.

Jack Lucas

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