Izzy Blackspin

15 year old spider girl changeling rogue

  • Age: 15
  • Seeming: Beast
  • Kith: Skitterskulk
  • Court: Autumn
  • Keeper: The Collector
  • Durance: pinned to a card for display
  • Fetch: Married and successful
  • Occupation: Professional pickpocket/cat burglar

Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Izzy was taken into the Hedge at age 14 and forced to endure a tortured existence as a spider trapped to a display card, all for the visual enjoyment of her Keeper, The Collector.

Izzy managed to escape with the help of an unknown stranger and fled through the Hedge to Boulder, CO. There she managed to eek out a subsistence of a life, living in homeless hovels and occasionally her favorite sanctuary, an abandoned maintenance worker’s room in the sewers.

She finds herself sharing her home with the timid Tunnelgrub Changeling known as Maggot and is occasionally shaken down by her go-to fence, a hard-nosed Winter Court Ogre known as Meatlocker.

Recently, she’s noticed that her Autumn Court King, Gravemold, has taken a very strong interest in her activities.

Izzy Blackspin

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