deceased advisor to Coldmarrow


Secrets are mercurial things, difficult to catch and even more difficult to keep. No one knows that better than Ignatius. Advisor and lieutenant to Coldmarrow, it’s Ignatius’s job to oversee and vet new recruits… and also to make sure their access to the Court’s secrets is kept limited to their rank.

Ignatius’s job is a difficult one. He was around when Peter Boreas was exiled from Winter Court and seized by the privateers. And he’s never been comfortable with it. But he also knows that Winter Court is the predominant regime in the area. And how tenuous their peace is with the Pure.

Upsetting the apple cart now, after all these years of peace, is a risk he isn’t willing to allow anyone to make.

Even if it means sacrifices. Or deals with the devil that is his King.


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