"Nacho" Aguilar


Born in Lafayette, CO as Ignacio Miguel Aguilar, “Nacho” grew up in the shadow of his older, gangbanging brother, Javier. While Ignacio struggled to stay on the straight-and-narrow, keeping his grades up at the insistence of his mother & brother, he couldn’t help but be drawn into the power and reputation on the street his brother wielded. As the leader of Cypress Circle Mafia, Javier’s influence grew from a small-time pot and meth dealer to the biggest drug kingpin in Lafayette.

That all ended though one night when Nacho was 16. The papers said his brother had been mauled by dogs, possibly by the pitbulls of a rival gang. But Nacho, never truly convinced by the mutilated state of his brother’s body, believed it had been something more. In addition to the massive gashes all over his body, Javier had been nearly ripped completely in half, by something well above the size of a normal man and with nearly the strength of a silverback gorilla.

Nacho, obsessed with his brother’s death, began to pour his energies into studying criminology, determined to find out what had murdered Javier. Following high school, he gained a large scholarship and eventually graduated with top honors at CU. Everyone in his family expected he would enroll in the Boulder Police force. And he nearly would have, had he not fallen in love with a girl in his classes named Annemarie Serrano.

Annemarie had grown up in a very wealthy family. A family so wealthy and so concerned with their reputation that, once her father had found out she had been dating Nacho for nearly a year, worked to make sure Nacho would never be seen again.

Nacho doesn’t remember much about how he was taken. Vague flashes of his Keeper, The Huntress, snaring him in a net and dragging him to her expansive grounds. He doesn’t remember the point at which he became more hunted fox than human being. But he does remember fleeing. And escaping back to Boulder. Where he found comfort and solace in the changelings of Winter Court.

"Nacho" Aguilar

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