privateer and sadist

  • Seeming: Darkling
  • Kith: Gravewight
  • Court: Autumn
  • Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Resolve 4
  • Physical Attributes: Strength 4, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2
  • Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 2, Composure 1
  • Mental Skills: Investigation (Tracking) 3, Occult (True Fae) 4
  • Physical Skills: Athletics (Running) 3, Brawl 4, Drive 1, Stealth (Stalking) 2, Survival 1
  • Social Skills: Animal Ken (Canines) 3, Intimidation 5,
    Persuasion 3, Subterfuge 2
  • Merits: Allies (Gentry) 2, Direction Sense 1, Hollow (Size 5,
    Amenities 2, Doors 5, Security 3) 15, Fast Reflexes 1, Fleet
    of Foot 3, Mantle 3, Toxin Resistance 2
  • Willpower: 5
  • Clarity: 2
  • Virtue: Faith
  • Vice: Wrath
  • Initiative: 5
  • Defense: 3
  • Speed: 15

Background: Jimmy Lawrence was a mean, tough old sumbitch, one of the last of the real Texas shit-kickers. He was so tough and ornery, in fact, that when the Baron of the Black Gate needed a dog to patrol his lands and keep out trespassers, he passed right over ex-Marines, gangbangers and prize-fighters and went straight for old Jimmy Lawrence. If you believe the man himself, he fought tooth and nail the whole way back to Faerie and killed three of the Baron’s goblin retainers before they threw him out into the yard. Jimmy spent a dozen years patrolling those dark and grim lands that butted up against a place where the restless dead seeped out of a hole in the world. He learned to hunt with teeth and talon, to move without sound and to drive the dead before him like a herd of sheep.
When he came back from Faerie, Jimmy Lawrence was no more. His name was Clutch now and the first thing he did was run down his fetch.

The locals will tell you that before he died, “Jimmy Lawrence” swore he saw a huge black dog stalking him. They say it was the fear that killed the old man — but then, they never found the body, so who can be sure? Clutch could, but the black dog that killed Jimmy Lawrence was never seen in that town again. Somewhere between there and here, Clutch joined the Autumn Court. He knew fear was power from his years patrolling the Baron of the Black Gate’s haunted lands. It wasn’t until later, after a harrowing trip through the Hedge with his first motley (of which he was the sole survivor) that he stumbled upon the “revelation” that led to his new philosophy.

The old hound gathered a new motley to him and “persuaded” them to come around to his way of thinking. And now they haunt the back roads and forgotten highways, reminding folk of what it is to fear the Others.

Features: A grizzled, leathery old redneck in his mid-40s, Clutch looks like the typical weather-beaten old farmer, all denim work shirts and John Deere ball caps. His fae mien is inky black, with eyes like saucers that catch any light and throw it back in a grim, green glow. His features have a distinctly canine cast to them, and he casts the shadow of a large dog, possibly a mastiff or Doberman. This has led more than one changeling to mistake him for a Beast. Clutch’s madness is plain to see almost immediately upon meeting him. He is twitchy and irritable, with the manic intensity of a street preacher hopped up on smack. He often forgets basic things like bathing and eating, so he frequently looks malnourished and filthy, which does little
to reinforce his claims of sanity. He talks with a thick, Texas twang, and is fond of quoting pseudo-Biblical prophecies and judgments that admonish listeners to fear and worship the mighty Others.


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