Bill Tenkiller

Wroth General Calescent/ Commander of the Summer Courts troops


Bill Tenkiller was a tough-as-nails kid who grew up quickly, due to an alcoholic father and negligent mother, into a tough-as-nails man. Prone to fight at the drop of a hat, he credits the discipline and comradery of the Marines with saving his life and turning his anger into well purposed fuel. He excelled in the military, especially hand-to-hand combat and interrogation techniques, and would’ve gone on to a high ranking position in the Pentagon if he hadn’t been taken by the Gentry.

There he was tasked with safeguarding his True Fae master, and when not protecting the Gentry and his estate, pitfighting for his Keeper’s whimsical musement.

Bill escaped the only way he knew how: fighting his way out. When he arrived in Boulder, he met and befriended Cyclone Jim and served in Summer Court with distinction and unquestioning loyalty.

Bill still holds true to most of his Native American roots. He works as a Police Captain at the Boulder county sheriffs office. Bill Tenkiller is also Eden’s mentor. The two having met when Eden went against the wishes of the Spring Court on a Privateer ring at the local goblin market. Bill would eventually talk Eden into joining the Summer Court, promising protection and greater freedom under its enterprise to prevent anymore Privateers from entering the freehold.

Bill Tenkiller

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