Strange Fruit

May 9th game - The Falling Dark

  • Raids on various locations in Boulder are executed by the bridge burners. A gun shop. The Boulder police department. Ending in double digit deaths, mostly of civilians.
  • Eden, Joseph and Jenn end up trapped in the Hedge, after venturing in there to gather up support troops (Joseph finds the amputation goblins he was seeking decimated by some unknown entity). Dragged into a bizarre underwater cave by a hobgoblin, they’re safeguarded from the Shadow Court that rides past them and into Boulder, a cabal of True Fae that suffocate all light around them (including the stars in the Hedge as they progress).
  • Nacho, Mr. Hart and Peter Boreas encounter the Shadow Court as they emerge from the Hedge gate Eden and company have used. Nacho is beset by the shadows and finds he must keep them from dragging him into a coma.
  • Jack is traveling with Silver Syndicate when he gets a call that the Spring Queen’s house is being attacked by Summer Court troops. He rushes there.
  • Izzy and Kite are waiting at Peter’s safehouse (when Izzy discovers a cold iron panic room upstairs.
  • Then, all of Boulder is immediately plunged into complete darkness.



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