Strange Fruit

March 7th Game - Caravan to Silver Syndicate

  • Izzy has survived the trauma of killing Mr. Hart, emotionally unharmed.
  • Queen Archer has proposed tutelage of oneirophysics to Joseph. She has also appointed him her representative in the Rescuer/Stonehaven Guard group.
  • Polyphemus has told Eden he can conceivably sneak in 3 people max into Bill’s compound.
  • Eden has enlisted Polyphemus into spreading word about the Tithe conspiracy via mushroom art installations that promote “”, an information clearinghouse site.
  • Peter has outed himself as the Winter-King-In-Exile ONLY to Jen (Adelina is allied with Peter, working to change the Winter Court regime under Coldmarrow). He has, though, met Nacho and advised him to stick with his friends and to keep an eye out for changes in Winter Court.
  • The whole group is now standing outside Red Leaves Falling, about to caravan to a Silver Syndicate meet-up (Andrea incl.) when four cop cars pull up. Out of them emerges two detectives and six uniformed officers, who present Eden (who lies about her identity and poses as Mai) with a warrant to search the premises. The reason: suspicion of an illegal prostitution ring.



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