Strange Fruit

June 20th game - The Winds of Change

  • Peter, Mr. Hart, and Nacho face the terrifying presence that is Shadow Court emerging from the Hedge. Peter invokes a Goblin Contract, which transports the three of them back to the safehouse Izzy is staying in. Unfortunately, the contract is such that while the Shadow Court cannot find/locate them, another enemy will suddenly know where they are. They anticipate a confrontation will find them and soon.
  • In only a few minutes Nacho, waiting outside, sees Coldmarrow’s entourage drive up and a gun battle immediately erupts.
  • Izzy scurries into the panic room of the safehouse, at Kite’s advisement. She receives a call from Mary O’Brine, who informs her of Persimmons and asks the Queen why she isn’t fighting in the fray.
  • Eden, Joseph and Jenn manage to escape the changeling that safeguarded them from Shadow Court’s passage. Eden wants them to avoid the portal out of the Hedge and instead seek out the bridge burners. Joseph, on the other hand, decides to ask the Hedge itself for a way out and is immediately snared by it and dragged through the deepest parts of the brambles. Eden and Jenn, sourly, decide to walk on without Joseph to the bridge burner fortifications.
  • Joseph finds himself dumped out into a clearing. There he finds a cave entrance, guarded by two voracious briarwolves. He is barely able to off their attacks.
  • Jack, with Silver Syndicate has taken to attacking a few Summer Soldiers laying siege to the Spring Queen’s mansion. After tearing three of them to pieces, he charges into the house to locate and put down any other conflicts. He finds that off in the garage, Summer Soldiers have the Spring Queen pinned.
  • Nacho, in the gun battle with Winter Court, takes drastic measures. As Izzy scurries out of the panic room and begins cursing Coldmarrow with Autumn magic, Nacho quickly retrieves the grenades Jenn gave him from the bridge burner camp and rolls one at Coldmarrow’s limo. In a massive explosion, Coldmarrow is wounded and knocked prone. Ignatius, his lieutenant, is immediately killed in the blast.
  • Prone and bleeding, Coldmarrow tries to crawl away while his soldiers lay down cover fire against Peter, Kite and Nacho. Izzy, having activated her Heart of the Antlion contract, has a bloodlust that won’t be denied. As the gents trade shots at one another, she sneaks off to the side of the house, creeps up on Coldmarrow and before he can realize it, slits his gullet from ear to ear, screaming out “And you said I’d make a shitty Queen!!”
  • Nacho covers Izzy while she continues on her rampage, stabbing Coldmarrow in the eyes. With Coldmarrow dead, Peter asserts his claim on the Winter King throne and orders the Winter Court soldiers to drop their weapons.
  • Jack manages to rip away the Summer Court snipers while Silver Syndicate is rampaging through the house.
  • Eden and Jenn find that the bridge burners have been decimated by Shadow Court and with no large army to back up her revolution, Eden dejectedly turns to finding Joseph. Tearing through the Hedge where he was taken, they manage to find him, prone and with a briarwolf snapping at his throat. Jenn and Eden work to kill the two briarwolves and see to Joseph’s wounds.
  • Once on his feet, Joseph is able to enter the cave entrance with Eden and Jenn, emerging out of the Hedge into the outskirts of Boulder.



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