Strange Fruit

July 25th game - In The Fray

  • Eden, defeated by Bill and bleeding out profusely from her wounds, fights consciousness as she’s taken by Jenn and Nacho for medical attention.
  • Jack throws himself into the Silver Syndicate battle at Verdant Manse. Through a tangle of claws, snarls and bloodshed, he manages to kill Owen and, with Max’s help, literally bites the head off of his hated enemy Judge Wagner. Pounding the old man’s corpse through tears, Jack finally breaks through all the trauma and fear of his pack’s massacre and is at last, for the first time in years, truly free. Max and the other Silver Syndicate werewolves howl in solidarity at this.
  • Joseph assists Mr. Hart in the attempt to signal The Legion of The Iron Wall. Hobgoblins and Shadow Court soldiers are doing everything they can to stomp out the fires the group starts. After fighting off assaulting hobgoblins, he tends to the injured as best he can.
  • Nacho and Jenn try to staunch Eden’s bleeding. Fate is not with them and Eden is quickly dying. They must get her help and soon. Nacho attempts to drive them somewhere with Peter’s limousine but because of the chaotic nature of the Shadow Court blackout, skids and drives the limousine into a ditch. As they try to get the car out, a small trio of Shadow Court hobgoblins and tenebrous soldiers creep up on them.
  • Izzy, Annette Archer, Cyclone Jim and Peter discuss Peter and Mr. Hart’s plan. Cyclone Jim agrees with the signal fires on Pearl Street. Izzy strikes upon the idea of using the Auroch’s Horn to summon a True Fae to fight for them, in the hopes that The Legion of the Iron Will can defeat the last True Fae standing. The Boulder Royalty travel to Izzy’s home for the token where Mary O’Brine has it at the ready for her queen. She also lets Izzy know she’s trying to find a way for the motley to defeat the Gentry menace but is having trouble finding the right tokens.
  • Jack, his past now behind him, apologizes to Max but insists that he must quickly return to his changeling friends. Max nods in understanding and Jack wastes no time dashing to Peter’s safehouse.
  • Izzy, now with the Auroch’s Horn, joins the other Boulder Royalty. The group drives to Pearl Street but on their way there, encounter Nacho, Jenn and Eden. Peter, Nacho and the Summer King fend off the hobgoblins. When the Royalty decides that the Pearl Street fires are more important than anyone, Annette decides to stay with Eden, with Jenn agreeing to safeguard them both.
  • Izzy, Nacho, Peter, Cyclone Jim and Bill arrive at Pearl Street to see Joseph already amidst the blaze. Izzy uses her August magic to convince the Shadow Court minions to first cease their interference with Mr. Hart and his group and then to assist in setting the fires alongside changelings. Nacho takes it upon himself to search for the nearest gas line. When he has, and opens the valve to release the natural gas, he takes aim with his hand cannon and fires. He’s blown out of the restaurant and into the city courtyard, badly burned.
  • Jenn notices the Shadow Court mob growing around the ditched limousine. While she defends Eden, Annette tries to move Eden closer to Pearl Street using her wind ability. In swift time, she brings Jenn and Eden with her to join up with the Royals.
  • Joseph tries to see to Nacho’s self-inflicted wounds when suddenly the mall goes quiet. All of them witness the marching noise of an approaching Shadow Court. Four Gentry, tall and nightmarish step out of the darkness and onto Pearl Street. One of them is Jenn’s Keeper, Hans/The Cognoscente.
  • Jenn, on recognition of Hans, is dumbstruck with insane panic. She flees the scene while Izzy, Joseph and Annette work on Eden and Nacho.
  • Peter, Cyclone Jim and Bill take the Gentry head-on.
  • With Annette’s help, Eden is soon back to stable health. * Izzy decides now is the time to active the Auroch’s Horn. She recalls her agreement with the Tender and suggests to Eden that she should use the horn. Eden does and from out of the city courtyard grows a small patch of high-rising corn stalks. From these stalks emerges The Man of Shears/ The Gardener, who smiles at Eden and then strolls into the changeling fracas with Shadow Court.
  • The horn blown and her Keeper now battling Shadow Court, Eden wastes no time and immediately drops herself into the battle.
  • Jen flees to the Boulder Public Library. She breaks into her office and notifies anyone who will listen on the Internet that Boulder is under attack by True Fae. She recovers herself and bravely returns to Pearl Street.
  • Mary O’Brine soon appears and makes herself known to Izzy. She supplies her with five tokens, one for each of the motley.
  • Izzy battles the Shadow King along with Peter.
  • The Man of Shears battles The Huntress.
  • Cyclone Jim and Bill fight Hans while Eden fights The Twins.
  • While fighting with The Twins, Eden is suddenly knocked back several meters. Just as she skids to a halt, Jack plunges into the battle. Izzy sees to it that Eden ingests the mushroom token Mary O’Brine gave her. Jen returns from the library to the Pearl Street carnage.



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