Strange Fruit

July 20th game - Signal Fires

  • Eden, Joseph and Jenn return from the Hedge and are picked up by Adelina. Through Boulder they witness the Shadow Court rampaging the town, seizing human after human and dragging them back to Arcadia. They arrive at Peter’s safehouse, where he is strategizing with Nacho and Izzy on the freehold’s next move.
  • Jack continues to battle Summer Court soldiers and the Pure. He and the Silver Syndicate force the changelings to retreat while the Pure attempts to hold out. Seeing to the beseiged Spring Queen, he escorts her escape from her mansion to Peter’s safehouse, where he believes she will be safest.
  • A messenger from Summer Court arrives at the safehouse, informing Peter that a meeting with the kings and queens of Boulder freehold is now dire. Mr. Hart is convinced that a fire, in the burning of Pearl Street Mall, might signal the Legion of the Iron Wall… a last chance rescue they desperately need. Peter instead insists that mending the peace with Summer Court is now the utmost priority and the two men begin taking up volunteers for their respective plans. Nacho, Izzy, Eden and Jenn join up with Peter (Eden determined to confront Summer Court and Bill Tenkiller) while Joseph and others join Mr. Hart in his mission.
  • The royal entourage arrives at Clutch’s garage and enter Bill’s compound in the Hedge. With no Summer Court soldiers nearby, paranoia is high. Cyclone Jim himself greets them and invites them into the house. There he attempts to broker an end to this civil war by proposing a duel between Eden and Bill. If Eden wins, she will be eligible to be the Summer King’s second and the Pure will be asked to leave. If Bill wins, Summer Court will spare her life and the other three courts will agree to work with Summer Court to route the invading Gentry. Eden vengefully agrees.
  • Jack decides, with the Spring Queen safe among Peter’s entourage, to return to the Verdant Mansion and assist his fellow Forsaken.
  • Joseph, assisting as a field medic with Mr. Hart’s gang of arsonists, ends up in a skirmish with a hobgoblin on the Pearl Street Mall.
  • The duel between Eden and Bill involves two longswords, both of which allow the wielder to hide his wounds by spending Glamour. The first person who runs out of Glamour and reveals first blood loses. Out in the yard of the compound, Eden and Bill begin against each other.
  • Eden battles valiantly but unfortunately cannot burn the amount of Glamour Bill can. She loses, her wounds opening up all at once over her body. Bleeding out profusely, she begins to almost lose consciousness. Nacho and Jenn quickly see her out of the Hedge while the Summer King, sated as a well fed cat, begins to discuss plans with the other Royals.



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