Strange Fruit

August 15th game - The Final Battle

  • Silver Syndicate has poured into Pearl Street savaging hobgoblins and Shadow Court warriors.
  • The Shadow King has been weakened by Izzy and Peter. The darkness fades in some parts of Boulder, guiding the Legion of the Iron Wall with Mae leading their way.
  • Jack and Eden take on the Twins while Cyclone Jim and Bill battle Hans. The Man of Shears tears apart The Huntress and turns his sights to the Shadow King.
  • Annette and Joseph tend to Nacho.
  • Other changelings (Nyx, Adelina, Polyphemus, Kite) emerge from the alleys to join the fight.
  • The Shadow King is driven back along with Hans. The Twins are killed by Jack, Eden and Max. As the Legion of the Iron Wall enters Pearl Street, the sunrise finally breaks through the blackout. The Shadow King and Hans escape without any captured prey. Peter tells them to hold their arrows from the Man of Shears.
  • The Man of Shears, with the Gentry defeated, turns to the motley. He tells Eden “You have fought well my little orchid. You have earned your release from my bonds. After today our paths will never cross again”. He then leans in and kisses her on the cheek, snipping a small cut on her face. As he walks away, blood begins to stream from Eden’s chin and she collapses, her throat cut open. “Freed at last” the Gardener says, smiling, before he flees quickly into the Hedge.
  • The motley gather around Eden, Joseph trying to staunch her wounds. But despite her fire to live, the wound is too critical, too deep. Surrounded by her friends, she bleeds out on Pearl Street’s sidewalks, her hand falling out of Jack’s.


  • Three months have gone by. Summer Court is becoming frayed and isolated. Rumors persist that Cyclone Jim, having seen the glory and honor of the Rescuers firsthand, is losing his trust in Bill Tenkiller. Conflicts threaten to erupt in that court all the time though Peter does a good job of calming the waters.
  • Peter has asked Nacho to stay in Boulder as his second but Nacho politely refuses. Recognizing the Lonely Archer’s need to get away, he instead “tasks” Nacho with seeking out winter cottages in the Canadian wilderness and then Alaska if Nacho so chooses. Jack has been invited to join him. No one else knows where they’ll be but Peter.
  • Mae kisses Jack before he leaves.
  • Izzy has come into her own as Autumn Queen. Her skills in the Battle of Shadow Court has earned her a reputation as a harsh but honorable ruler, some say as a result of her heart hardening from her friend’s death. The only thaw to that frost is the persistent rumor that she and Peter are in love, though no one has ever witnessed this. They steal their affections secretly when they can.
  • Joseph’s prestige in Spring Court grows. He has recently been apprenticed to a man named Jeremiah Somn, a traveling oneirophysician who is teaching Joseph the means to heal people through their dreams. Court mantle rises to two dots.
  • Jenn also has grown in her court’s favor. Because of the choices she’s made, for the good of the freehold and not Coldmarrow, Peter has made her the Onyx Scribe; documentarian, spy and guardian of secrets for the Court. Her Court mantle is now two dots. He has also asked that she look into fortifying the freehold’s presence in the Hedge, to plumb its depth in greater detail, taking up what changelings she needs to do this.
  • Mae has set up a memorial for Eden, a series of toadstool statues on Pearl Street. For reasons most Boulder mortals don’t understand, a rose and an apple are left there every month. No one knows who leaves them there, though they rot and spoil before the new ones are replaced.



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