Strange Fruit

April 4th Game - Ambushed by The Pure


  • On their way to Denver, the motley were again chased by three cop cars. As Andrea tried to evade their pursuers by taking a zig zag route, the “cops” ended up blowing out their tire and forcing a battle on a rural Westminster road. The “cops”, it turns out, were instead Owen’s pack, who immediately attacked the group.
  • Nacho was able to fend off some of the attacks with his silver bullets, depleting his entire supply.
  • Jenn tangled with Judge Wagner and barely escaped (thanks to Touch of Winter and Joseph’s rain)
  • Joseph stabbed one of Jack’s attackers in the back with a scalpel and almost stuck another one with a massive dose of laudanum. But the driver seat of the van got in the way.
  • Eden was able to open a gate to the Hedge through the front door of someone’s house. The characters barely made it into the Hedge with their lives (Judge Wagner almost had them at one point had Jenn and Nacho kept him back). Jack (savaged and beaten nearly to death) was tossed into the Hedge gate at the last minute by Andrea, who sacrificed herself to the Pure so the others could reach safety.
  • Jack, clinging to life by a thread and barely avoiding Death Rage over the death of Andrea, was taken by the motley through the Hedge in the hopes they could reach Denver via safer channels.
  • They encountered a weird tent city where a group of medical goblins (who seemed to specialize exclusively in amputation) were able to give the group a brief rest and directions to a fringe Summer Court camp. Off in the distance, a massive wall of smoke bloomed. Convinced these Summer courtiers were associated with Polyphemus, Eden decided they should head that way. Joseph, who befriended the medic goblins, asked them to name a wing after him.
  • As they approached the smoke, they discovered it was a massive army setting fire to the Hedge itself.
  • Izzy immediately fell ill, an effect of the Hedge burning and the intense disconnect from the Wyrd. Eden and Jack met with the fire team leader, who lent them a guide. Eden promised the camp leader she would send him changelings to help burn away the Hedge in trade.
  • Jenn gathered up as much firearms and ammunition she could muster from the bridge burners’ arsenal and armed the group as best she could.
  • After several miles of travel, with no real rest after their escape from the Pure, the guide opened up a Hedge gate that emptied into a Denver alley. The motley emerged from it and saw the lights of the Argentum Building high rise.
  • Max Roman and the Silver Syndicate now awaited them.



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