Strange Fruit

April 25th game - The Werewolf Cavalry

  • Peter makes sure the motley is secured at a local safehouse and sees to it they all have encrypted cellphones. He asks Nacho if he would mind being his second, IF they retake Winter Court from Coldmarrow.
  • Jack sneaks back into Denver via a coffin and hearse to meet up again with Max Roman. Roman then decides he will join Jack on the way back to Boulder and in tow with the Silver Syndicate alpha follows five SUVs of Forsaken.
  • Eden has arrangements to meet with Polyphemus and inspect the bridge burner troops.
  • Joseph has been tasked with creating a nerve gas or other agent to fight against the Harsh Season Courts.
  • Izzy discovers that Squick, the Autumn Court assassin she sent to take out Cyclone Jim, has been mortally wounded. Mr. Hart, who has returned, advises her to stick with her friends and to help forge a cohesive front against the Harsh Season Courts.



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