Strange Fruit

April 11th game - On the Run

  • The motley attempts to meet with Max Roman, despite the late night hour of their arrival. Blocked from access by a security guard, they decide not to press the issue and instead to check into a nearby hotel.
  • After a much needed rest, they gather their gear (and what they can take from the complimentary breakfast) and rendezvous at the Argentum Building. After a bit of formal hoop jumping through lobbies and receptionists, they are fingerprinted, given laminate badges and ushered through a service elevator to the top floors of the high rise. There, in a glass meeting room, sparse with only a conference table and chairs, they finally meet Max Roman.
  • They explain the incident with the Pure as well as Andrea’s death at Pure hands and entreat the Silver Syndicate leader to assist them in driving out the Pure and the corrupt Courts. Max Roman seems reluctant at first but once he hears that Andrea had sacrificed herself in order to see the agreement realized, he signs off on it. In exchange, the motley are to help Silver Syndicate establish control of Boulder’s loci sites (with the promise that Jack is to be heavily involved at every step.
  • The agreement made, details to be nailed down in the following days, the motley decide to move from their posh hotel to a Motel 6, to confuse anyone watching them and to keep from squandering their good will with Max Roman by asking him to put them up somewhere. Unfortunately, due to the news coverage of their escape from Red Leaves Falling, their fugitive status makes them high profile. And it’s not long before the Motel 6 manager has contacted the police. Jenn is the first one to notice and the motley immediately scrambles to get away from the motel, fleeing behind it into a large flood drain.
  • Paranoid and panic-stricken, the group decides to flee into the Hedge, hoping to escape mortal and Pure surveillance. They are soon followed by two plain looking individuals, who present themselves to Eden as Summer Courtiers of Denver who are big fans of her exploits. One of them then draws a blade and stabs her while the other fires at the motley. They are quickly killed in kind and Izzy finds that they aren’t changelings but ensorcelled mortals instead.
  • They soon encounter a hobgoblin with no lower torso, who gets around on a rickety sled/cart. He seems fascinated by Nacho’s legs and offers to buy them. When Nacho refuses, he grows surly and more insistent. More of the same cart-mobile hobgoblins arrive, looking to make off with someone’s lower torso. Izzy directs them to the ensorcelled mortals and the hobgoblins seize on their still-warm bodies with bonesaws and serrated blades.
  • With the hobgoblins distracted, the motley (lead by Nacho now) take another path in the Hedge. As they continue farther down it, they realize the Hedge is thinning out into an arctic wasteland, where glass-like grains form large dune wastelands. Eventually the wasteland is all they can see from horizon to horizon and the path that has lead them here has disappeared.
  • Convinced Nacho is lost, Eden opens up a Hedge gate through a small cobblestone path in the middle of the wasteland. She and Jack emerge out of it and into a rain-slicked street. The whole motley follows.
  • They quickly discover they are back in Boulder, on Pearl Street. Fearful of being watched/captured by the police or the Harsh Courts, Jenn contacts Peter.
  • He agrees to pick them up at their location and after a few minutes waiting in the alley, his limousine pulls up. They all pile in, under his protection but back in the proverbial frying pan of their enemies.



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