Here reads the ragtag adventures of the Rescuers a.k.a The Noble Order of Nom-Noms a.k.a. The Stonehaven Guard.

Welcome gang. Please register your account and create your characters here so I can add them to the motley list. I’ll be updating our Adventure Log with every game.

Speaking of which, it’s possible to earn extra experience points for your character by creating related content here, such as journal entries, pictures or the like. Journal entries must be at least 400 words to earn 2 xp (that’s just 2 paragraphs i think), with additional points given for updated journals written in the voice of your character.

As a suggestion, you could write an in-depth story or description of your Durance. Or of your character’s personal thoughts about what happened in the last game or what s/he thinks next game will bring.


Rotten apple by stikmancomics

Strange Fruit

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